Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Romantic Comedy Update

A reader recently wanted to post a response to my long-distant plea for ideas on the Justin Ladd romantic comedy/heist flick* (due to start production in March), but was put off by the amount of time that's elapsed since I first posted the request. "Does he still need ideas?" she wondered, gazing perplexedly at her computer screen. At least, I assume that's how it went down. I wasn't there, and I don't know her too well, so I'm just hypothesizing.

The answer, my vaguelly interested inquirer, is a triumphant "yes!" 10-4GB is always looking for ideas from any devoted readers who want to chime in and let me know what a putz I am. Otherwise, I would have removed the "comments" section on all posts, and settled back comfortably into uninterrupted ignorance (which does sound nice, come to think of it).

I thought that, since a first draft has been completed, perhaps it might be time to give a full response to readers' suggestions, since this is essentially the only item 10-4GB has ever gotten much feedback on. Here's what made it into the first draft:
  • In response to outstanding reader solidarity, a baby was worked into the script. Because of the difficulties inherent to filming with extremely small children, the film references children more than it actually shows any. But I think fans of the idea will be fully satisfied, and will find the end result as up to their expectations. I also managed to reference the ferret.
  • Our hero will be wooing his love with a musical instrument at some point, yes.
  • Also involved in some way are cowboy hats, accents, sweeping the girl off her feet, roses, and Ty Pennington. The jury's still out on whether we'll get the actual Ty Pennington.
The script is now in Mary Lashbrook's possession, and I'm sure that she'll find time in the coming weeks to begin a new draft. She's very talented, you know.

In the meantime, I'm trying to pull together some fresh ideas for our first meeting together to chat about - so any help from anyone who reads this is always welcome. Nothing is too ridiculous to be considered. Trust me. If you read the current script, you'd believe that. So come. Nail your thesis to the door of my metaphorical church. I'm anxious to hear from you.


At December 17, 2005 4:06 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Water plant stunt double Wyman...the comic relief would never end I'm most assuredly convinced. It would be great! the whole upper roof of the plant was frozen and so I spent some time skating across the icy spots with a skimmer net fishing out huge chunks of algae inside the filter basins. I'm going to have to add "figure skating with giant algae pole" to my resume' =)

Ok..ok...I actually have some suggestions for your romantic comedy, but I'm pretty much beyond brain dead right now, so I will respond later after I sleep for 12 hours or more.

At December 19, 2005 4:11 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Yeah...what’s up with all these people getting real jobs and getting married? Hey, yesterday I ran into someone that I worked with when I used to be a waitress in high school. Crazy...and surreal!! Next summer guess who’s gonna be attending weddings right and left...yep, tis the season =)

Alright, here’s my two cents worth of ideas...which hopefully aren’t too late in being considered. A title on the other hand....bummer, I have no clue!!

Idea #1: Basically, the setting is Wal-Mart or any sort of all-purpose shopping location. Girl is browsing through the shelves of music shopping for a CD. This guy has a group of friends who are helping him in this plot to win over the girl, right? the group of guys convince the main character to woo this girl by asking her to dance in the middle of a shopping aisle....maybe the main character had previously been stalking her while she shopped....or perhaps this was just coincidence that they ended up shopping in the same music section. The guy walks over to those wonderful CD scanners that play the songs on open speakers and he scans in something of good taste...”Dancing in the Moonlight” comes to mind or take it back to the good old days of Elvis - “I Can’t Help Falling In Love with You”...oh, but then there are copyrights on this stuff...just note that. And back to the this guy cranks up whatever song it is. The girl is still oblivious and immersed in trying to find the right CD. The guy is starting to dance in the aisle and shoppers are beginning to stop and stare...,you could mess with having other shoppers get in the way....or just plain mess things up for the poor guy....and then somehow...the guy might actually get over to the girl and ask her to dance...and well, either the girl will dance....or something else will happen that prevents her from dancing....or you could swing it in the girl’s court and have her just play plain hard to get....too many options!

Idea #2: Well....slanted rooftops are prime romantic comedy opportunities, so I was thinking of the guy sitting on top of the girl’s roof waiting for the girl to get home, he is dressed in a cowboy hat, boots, jeans...something of that sort...and is playing his guitar....maybe he even has roses too.....and then it starts to rain.....and he stays there for a long time...soaking wet and cold....and she finally gets home.....he has lost his voice and can barely sing.....and when he tries to stand up...he loses his balance and falls off the roof.....don't know what happens after that.....bandaids and a rescue of some sort I’d assume.

Add these titles to your rejected list: “Fiddler on the Roof II” “Falling for you...literally” “Mystery of the Wal-Mart Dance” “Once Upon a Shopping Cart”

That’s about it. I’m bad at titles too!


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