Friday, July 21, 2006

Three Dollar Reviews!

A new section'll be coming to 10-4GB soon, and not just the new films available on the site.

I've been purchasing a lot of $2-$3 DVDs at record stores, yard sales, video rental places, etc., and the ones that I purchase at one place usually end up being the same price pretty much everywhere I go. Which also means that where ever you are, the same movies will be available to you for about the same price.

Tbat's why I'm starting the Three Dollar Review section (catchy, huh? Wanna know where I got the name from?). I'll review these films as I get them, then place 'em in the sidebar. If you see one while browsing through a DVD store, you'll already know whether it's worth buying or not, or if it's so completely not worth buying that it actually becomes worth buying.

It also gives me a chance to finally write the From Justin to Kelly review.


At July 23, 2006 9:26 PM, Blogger Van Grantham said...

OMG!!1!! So excited to R33D your 3-dolla reviews!

No, really. I can't wait to read our reviews of Land Before Time IV and Lion King 6 and old godzilla movies.


At July 31, 2006 3:01 PM, Anonymous Laura said...

hmm...before you ask silly questions, read two posts below the one you post on. Or if it's too difficult to count that high... Click here.

It's another one of those online Bible websites...except it's cool. And easy to read. Doesn't feel like you're reading BibleGateway or something of the sort. :)

How is it that I disappear and reappear? I'm like Houdini. Or maybe it's just that I was busy and unmotivated. And now I'm not quite as busy and more motivated. I lasted a long time on Xanga, you gotta give me some credit for that... And it's not a million posts. It's 8 over the course of 9 days.


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