Monday, February 04, 2008

Review - CSI:Miami, "Bang, Bang, Your Debt"

Watching "CSI:Miami" is always a high-class endeavor, and tonight was no exception. A couple has sex while committing suicide by carbon monoxide poisoning, and a credit-card salesman sleeps with co-eds in exchange for canceling their debts (only he doesn't cancel anything, the scalywag!). Chris was watching it, so I gamely stuck with it.

And I wasn't disappointed, because - behold! - the return of Rory Cochrane! Cochrane left the show in 2004, ostensibly to pursue a film career. You can see why he would see it as a good idea, because he was on a show with David Caruso, who once famously made the same decision. And uh, that sure worked out. Anyway, Cochrane's character returned to be a hallucination for Adam Rodriguez character, who was having trouble dealing with the loss, which is the sort of story that lots of shows do 4 years after a character dies, right? Right?

I really like Cochrane, but let's review what he's done since leaving the show: a TNT miniseries, a direct-to-DVD movie, and a bit part in A Scanner Darkly. Still, he gets huge points in my book that the miniseries he was in was "The Company," a drama about the birth of the CIA made by Scott Free while I was interning there. That wins my heart forever.

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At February 05, 2008 4:02 PM, Blogger Dubbahdee said...

Two reason I hate CSI Miami.
1)David Caruso. He has a knack for taking really bad lines and making them even worse. It is like watching a zombie movie, only not as funny.
2)This script/This show somehow manages to suck all the life and light from Emily Proctor. She was electric on West Wing as Ainsley Hayes. Every time I see her on CSIM I want to cry for the paradise lost. Her agent must tell her to leave, and do something worthy of her talents.

At February 05, 2008 5:17 PM, Blogger Wyman said...

I think the same thing myself - I have no idea what she's doing there. Coincidentally, I re-watched the Ainsley Hayes introduction episode just last night, and was amazed to see all the complications her character had just in that one little bit. Proctor's completely wasted on a show like "CSI Miami." Caruso, in all his ridiculousness, remains a perfect fit.


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