Monday, October 02, 2006


Well, the big news is, of course, that I'm moving to Houston. I was offered the job on Wednesday, accepted it on Thursday (was it really that recently?), and I'll be leaving for unfamiliar parts a week from Saturday.

I expected a bigger fanfare from all of this, but instead life has continued at it's normal pace. I called a few friends and let them know the news. I put in two weeks notice at work. I started working out credit card details and cell phone plans. And then life has continued as normal. I go to work every day and take pictures of toddlers. I mow the lawn. I bring back library books and take a few more out. I walk our skittish dog every few hours (a stomach bug has given him the habit of leaving particularly... unsavory deposits in the house, on some of our best carpeting, so it's good to keep him outside as much as possible). And since an equally nasty stomach bug has also given me the habit of depositing equally... well, enough about that. Suffice to say, I've been drinking fluids and trying to sleep it all off. And so my last days around the house are passing in somewhat of a blur.

I guess it'll all be sudden anyway. I'll go into work one day, close down the store, take off my nametag, and never come back. The next morning I'll load up a truck or RV with what hand-me-down furniture my parents have seen fit to pass on to me, hop in the cab, and I'll be gone. I don't know how that'll feel. It'll be the first time that I'll be leaving this house and no longer considering it "home." It's the first time that whatever trip I'm on won't finish up back in this big brown house. Hopefully.

But strangely, it's not rushing towards me at a frantic, unstoppable pace. Nor am I counting down the days until I finally get out of here and out on my own. Instead - it's just coming.

And then it'll be here.

And then I'll be gone.


At October 03, 2006 2:11 AM, Blogger bs king said...

Since I only moved to Boston after graduation (you know, the same city that I actually went to college in), my move wasn't that dramatic. The strangest moment came the day I went to visit my parent's and realized that I had in both my mind and theirs, become a guest. Granted I was still a close friend type guest, the kind that can open cupboards and fix their own meals, but I definitely longed for "my" home and "my" stuff while I was there. It's strange.

That being said, CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

You'll still be reading my blog, right?

At October 03, 2006 2:41 AM, Blogger Bizzle said...

just say ,"hello i am...for the taking...teach me your ways"
or are those the kind of things you're supposed to say to Jesus? Either way, I'm happy for you. yay jobs, and Houston..not a bad place to end up...i guess. :-)

just don't drop off the face of the earth ok? You...being an adult and all.

At October 03, 2006 3:21 AM, Blogger Kate said...

Congrats to you, Ben! I'm stoked for you =) And yes, please do not fall off the face of the earth because I'm unsure as to what the world would do if that happened.

Safe travels for the road ahead.

At October 03, 2006 10:46 AM, Blogger Dominique I. Anderson said...

I live in Abilene, Texas and I love this state. I hope you'll enjoy Houston. I'll be praying for your trip.

At October 03, 2006 4:34 PM, Blogger Assistant Village Idiot said...

Oh man, your mother's going to cry over this. Fortunately, it won't hit me until later.

I had forgotten there was an enormous advantage for me of little ambivalence when I left home. I had thought it a negative, but wanting to get out does solve part of the problem.

Hey, we could rough you up or something if you think it would help.

At October 03, 2006 4:38 PM, Anonymous Laura said...

Houston? Hip hip hooray, you're gonna be a Texan. :) Whatcha doing?

I'm trying to figure out grad school stuff. The list of cities I'm considering: Lexington, Louisville, Miami, Arlington (TX), Austin (TX), and...Houston. Soooo...guess there's a one in six chance I'll see you around.

At October 03, 2006 5:32 PM, Blogger Jonathan Wyman said...

Ben, have you talked to the HR guy yet?
By the way, now you've got someone to root for on the latest installment of "The Bachelor." There's a trashy socialite named Erica. I know she's single, so maybe you should look her up when you get into town.

At October 03, 2006 10:13 PM, Blogger Van Grantham said...

What a crazy oppurtunity. Texas. I hear their winter is slightly different than the New England type.

p.s. Your entry has maximum impact when the reader is listening to some Death Cab. 4 Q T.

At October 03, 2006 10:27 PM, Anonymous Lorry said...

As a New Englander currently staying in the lovely state of Texas this week, I must say: "Don't melt in the heat!" The temperature is killing me, low 90s and it's October! My thick New England blood can't handle it. *grin*

It's sad to lose you, but I knew you'd get the job. I hope it turns out to be a wonderful experience for you. Congratulations Ben!


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