Friday, November 03, 2006

The Gilmore Effect

I suddenly realized - out of nowhere, in fact - the easiest way to television superstardom is to play a boyfriend on "Gilmore Girls." Every boyfriend on that show is now carrying another major TV series all by themselves - Adam Brody, Chad Michael Murray, Jared Padalecki, and now Milo Ventimiglia.

Don't ask me how I figured all this out, out of nowhere. I don't even get the CW on my TV. Still, all hail the future career of Matt Czuchry!


At November 03, 2006 2:35 PM, Blogger bs king said...

So what you're saying is...Alexis Bleidel is like the key to Hollywood. There's a conspiracy theory here somewhere, I can feel it....

At November 04, 2006 7:05 PM, Anonymous Lorry said...

I hadn't even realized that, but I have got to say, I'm rooting for Matt too, 'cause he's a home boy hailing from ManchVegas. *grin*


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